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Our Studio 

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Student Conduct

We strive to provide a safe environment for all of our students. Disrespectful or vulgar language will not be tolerated. Students should listen to corrections for themselves and other students, it may help them learn something they did not know before. No cellphones allowed in class. A box is provided to hold cellphones in the studio, and they should remain there for the entirety of the class. No gum chewing is allowed during class, as it is a choking hazard. 

Class Attendance 

Students should always be on time. Stretching and warming up is a crucial part of class that the student should not miss. Students are expected to attend class on a weekly basis and attendance.  A students presence in class is very important for themselves and other students, as well as the instructor. When one child is missing it is very difficult to teach group choreography. Your child is allowed 7 sick/emergency absences. Instructors will not have time to catch up those with excessive absences. Our staff will do all that we can to have your child learn and participate in the full dance choreography.

Class Dress Code 

Hair should be pulled back fully from the face and neck. Students should be in their full class attire for each class. This includes the correct leotard, tights, and shoes. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside of the studio. We encourage students to always have a pair of shoes to change into after class. Absolutely no bracelets or hanging jewelry (necklaces, hoop/hanging earnings) due to dangers of causing injuries.


In the event that a student will be withdrawn from class, a “Withdrawal Form” must be completed and turned in before the 1st of the month. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the next months tuition as is, with no refunds.


Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class or be picked up no later than 10 minutes after class is over. NO parents/guardians are allowed in the studio during practice. Please no peaking. This can be a distraction for you children in learning corrections or dance choreography. The lobby is provided for your convivence to wait on your student(s). If you have any questions the office manager will be available for you. If your question was not fully answered please feel free to email your question to

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